Golden Ears Silver Tour
July 14 & 15, 2001
by Don Warren

Nine am came up quicker than we expected and we made the Zellers departure time with little to spare.  We were fortunate that Angela (Holbrook) offered the use of her Plymouth Convertible, as she and Del were off to Palm Springs the Thursday before.  I had the car for some minor repairs and it really made a difference to us to be able to go in ‘old tin’ as we still are trying to get registration on the 1940 Buick.

There for the start were the Deegans (Trail Boss), Ledlins (Vice Trail Boss), Powells, Tuppers (Vern), Clarks, Brkichs and Dick Sykes in his van (support Staff).


Off we went.  First stop after dodging the Kamikaze birds in the tunnel under Hastings Street (Cassiar Connector), was the Cypress Bowl observation stop.  (We caught up there, as we had to drop off a pick up truck at our son’s home in North Van.)

Next stop, Porteau Cove for a lunch stop, supplied by the Chapter.  Carlson’s met us there in the Divco.  A tad windy and cool but the growlies consumed and the Royal Hudson, with modern engine admired we were off once again for Squamish and points north.

In Squamish many stores were visited and “The Chiefs” cliffs admired.  We were lead to Brandywine Falls by Squamish folks in their 1951 Ford Victoria.  After viewing the falls they waved goodbye and we proceeded north again.   As the sprinkles had ended, we put the roof down and enjoyed the scenery.  There is nothing quite like going topless!!

Whistler has grown tremendously since our last visit.  We all stayed at the same hotel together with the exception of the Clarks and Carlsons who were in a campsite a mile or two north.  The Clarks joined us and we found an eatery to sup in.  After supper we wandered around with the others for a couple of hours then turned in (as Lilah and I had had a busy week).  The others were not ready to stop partying and found an arcade, then an Irish pub for drinks before calling it a day. 

Sunday morning we split into two groups, those going south and home had coffee in the lobby and didn’t stop until Porteau Cove to get rid of it. 

Our bunch, which included us the Carks, Deegans, Tuppers and Carlsons, enjoyed a leisurely drive through virgin country (once we cleared the Mt. Curry reserve).  Lots of one-way bridges and miles and miles of nothing but trees.  No houses, no towns, no nothing!  Thirteen kilometres of climbing switchbacks up and down the other side to Seaton Lake.  On to Lillooet and a Chinese smorgasbord.  We came out from lunch and Vern informed us we were standing in front of the hotel his mother had owned fifty years ago.

On to Lytton for coffee, only the town is closed! No traffic!  The canyon is still a nice drive and we found a place for coffee and the most decadent pies and pastries you ever saw.  Tested most of them too. After we all gassed up in the canyon, the only excitement was wondering why the RCMP and divers had Lake of the Woods taped off? 

We regrouped at the Agassiz turn-off and proceeded down highway 7 to home.  We arrived at home about 8 00 pm.

This was a fun trip with a great group.  Thanks to the Deegans and Ledlins for organizing and leading the way!.