Ladies Vintage Tea

On the afternoon of April 13th, as the men were busying themselves at the Ratsoys in Steveston, the ladies of our chapter were enjoying the 1st Annual (hopefully!) Ladies Tea hosted by Bev Clark and Shirley Hammer at the Clarks' home. While the rain poured outside, the tea poured inside!

Lilah Warren greeted guests at the door and made sure names for a draw were placed in her gigantic teacup. In the living and dining rooms, several small tables were set up with lace tablecloths, tea sets, and fresh flowers arranged in tea cups with saucers (the latter were given away later to the lucky ladies whose names were drawn). There was information about the customs and history of tea scattered around for perusal.

Each table had a plate of varied fancy sandwiches made by Bev and Shirley along with a 3-tiered tray of assorted delectable baked goodies made by Sharon "Martha" Whymark, and skewers of fresh fruit done by Irene Herron. 

Between mouthfuls, there were discussions about various tea "rules" tea leaf pattern meanings, correct settings, proper finger positions, who pours, and who gets pregnant.

 Some ladies wore dresses and hats suitable for such an occasion (Angela Holbrook looked spectacular). Thank you to everyone who helped make this such an enjoyable afternoon.